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Cinetyp DVD Subtitling Center
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Celebrating in Excess of Over 600 Captioned Movies
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Cinetyp Hollywood Acquired PacTitle Overlay Division
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What We Offer You

Cinetyp offers a complete package of services designed to make your motion picture, video production or digital media accessible to foreign, deaf, hard of hearing or blind audiences. We can...

  • Translate your script or completed production to or from English, in any of several dozen languages.
  • Create top-quality subtitles, captions or narrations for your film, video, or DVD.
  • Produce dialogue, spotting, and continuity lists in a variety of formats - and with special features no one else offers.
  • And much more.

Call us...
Contact John Bell at (323) 463-8569 or John.Bell@cinetyp.com to discuss any and all subtitling needs.

843 Seward Street · Hollywood, CA 90038
Tel:(323) 463-8569 · Fax:(323) 463-4129
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