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DVD Subtitling

Our DVD Center creates subtitles and translations in all the languages you require and supplies the authoring house of your choice with TIFF DVD files for mass production and distribution of your feature.

We can take your DVD compatible files and create DVDs with our subtitles and translations for check prints or other small distribution needs. Our Adobe compatible system can take all of your Adobe Photoshop® and Encore® files and compile them into a working DVD that will include all the translations and subtitles that you require.

Using DVDs for check prints and test screenings is cost effective and maintains the quality in your project that you desire. Just provide us with the necessary video files and we can create any one of our lists for you. We can create copyright protected Master Discs as well as discs designed to play exclusively in your specific viewing regions to prevent piracy.

DVD Masters of your project allow you to have multiple languages and subtitles on one disc, which makes it ideal or focus groups, personal and professional print screenings, and other post-production viewings.

All DVD creation and authoring work, as well as the subtitling, will be done in-house. Once given the necessary files, your project does not leave our secure facility until it is back in your hands.

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Van Nuys, CA 91401
Tel:(818) 510-0092
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