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State-of-the-Art DVD & Video

Cinetyp's subtitling and captioning services are available for video and DVD. With our modern video lab, we can help you create cutting-edge productions that are both on-time and on-budget. Our video/DVD services include subtitles, closed captions, and translations (for a list of the languages we support, see Script/List Services).

Here's how we can help:

Closed captioning for video and DVD. We can provide closed captioning files -- in any of a dozen industry-standard formats -- for any video or DVD production. If your program has never been captioned before, we can produce the captioning files for you, at competitive prices and with fast turnaround. If your program has been previously captioned, we can use your already-prepared caption files.

Subtitles for DVD. Rely on Cinetyp's extensive experience in producing film subtitles for your next DVD project. We can provide subtitle files for most of the popular DVD authoring programs, including Sonic Solutions, Daikin Scenarist, and Spruce DVDMaestro. We can produce a spotting list and multiple translations, or you can provide the necessary files to us, in a variety of formats, including ASCII/ANSI Text, EDU STL, and DAS.

Video and DVD packaging translations. Our experienced staff and associates can provide text translations of your video and DVD packaging, including front and back cover copy, and liner notes.

DVD picture element translations. Most DVDs present a navigation menu, allowing the user to choose from a selection of options, such as playing the movie or viewing the bonus materials. For non-English audiences, these menus need to be translated into the target language. We can provide you with an asset list with all translated text, or we can prepare the texted picture elements for you, delivering BMP, TIF, GIF, Photoshop, or other standard graphic files.

Subtitles or open captions for video. We can provide subtitles or open captions for any video program, for NTSC or PAL, and with most any standard video format (including VHS, 3/4" U-Matic, Betacam SP, and D1). We work with a variety of video post-production houses to bring you the best quality in line with your budget.

An extra hand for bonus DVD materials
A great selling point of many of the latest DVDs is their bonus program material, such as filmmaker's commentary, interviews with the cast and crew, deleted scenes, and "blooper" reels. Like the feature presentation, this bonus material needs to be subtitled and closed captioned, or else the extra footage is virtually useless to non-English, deaf, and hard of hearing audiences.

Cinetyp provides cost-effective services to subtitle and caption every second of material on your DVD. This enhances the value of your product in the worldwide marketplace. Feel free to contact us to discuss the particulars of your DVD presentation.

14402 Haynes Street | Suite 207
Van Nuys, CA 91401
Tel:(818) 510-0092
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