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A Pioneer in Captioned Films

In the spring of 1981, Disney released a film called Amy. The movie, also known as Amy On the Lips, told the tale of a woman's quest to teach deaf children at the beginning of the 20th Century. Amy did not attract much notice, but one fact made it a landmark--it was the first theatrical release of a captioned film by a major Hollywood studio. And the captions were created and etched onto each release print by Cinetyp.

Since that humble beginning, Cinetyp has captioned more than 400 studio releases. In doing so, we've welcomed a whole new audience--the deaf and hard of hearing--into the world of the movies.

Over the years, we've captioned such disparate fare as Schindler's List and the Toy Story films, from Saving Private Ryan toTitanic. Cinetyp captions have treated audiences to the laughs of such zany comedies as Liar, Liar and 40-Year-Old Virgin, the tears of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Beautiful Mind, and the thrills of James Bond and the Mission: Impossible films.

And if you're curious, the title of Most Captioned Actor would have to go to Tom Hanks. From his award-winning roles in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump to his animated appearances in Toy Story and Polar Express, over a dozen of Mr. Hanks' films have been enhanced by Cinetyp captions.

Cinetyp is proud of our role in the frontline of captioned films, and we look forward to providing this important service in the future.

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