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In the mad dash to deliver digital content to the masses, one important element tends to be overlooked: the language barrier.

Whether you have a Cinecanvas (Interop) or SMPTE digital presentation,

we can supply you with quality subtitles to complete your

DCP feature, trailer, promo, or sizzle reel.

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What's in a Word?

Filmmakers have long reached out to bigger audiences by using subtitle translations. This same technique applies today. Cinetyp supports the subtitling needs of cinema, broadcast television, home video, and digital media.

We support a variety of cutting-edge subtitling technologies with our in-house facilities.

Odds are, we have exactly what you need to get your job done.


Cinetyp provides translations for both spotting (for subtitles) and dialogue (for dubbing).

We can provide translation services to virtually any language.

In many cases, we can provide language translations for specific dialects -- for example, Castilian Spanish as opposed to neutral Spanish; Brazilian Portuguese as opposed to Continental Portuguese; and Schwyzerdütsch (Swiss-German) as opposed to Hochdeutsch (High German).

And, you'll be pleased to know...we never, ever use machine translations or translation software. All translations are performed by professionals fluent in their language specialty.

Captioning Services

Closed captioning for television. Our modern production lab prepares the data for analog (Line 21) or digital television closed captions. The data can then be added to your master tape, or inserted on-air by the cable operator or broadcaster. The same data can be used in DVD projects. We can provide caption data in over a dozen popular formats, ensuring compatibility with post facilities and broadcasters.

Closed captioning for digital media. Using industry-standard file formats, we can prepare closed captioning data that can be used by all the major video players for the PC or Macintosh.

Captions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Captions are "subtitles" in the film's original language. Captions are a specialized form of subtitling, where additional information (such as speaker identification, screen placement, and sound effects) is used to enhance

the theatre-going experience for members of the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Cinetyp pioneered open captions for the big screen for first-run films beginning in 1980,

and has been in the forefront of film captioning ever since.

Captions are titles designed for the deaf and hard of hearing. In addition to the actor's dialogue, captions include notations for sound effects, music, and other background noises,

when these elements are important to the on-screen action.

Cinetyp is at the forefront of captioning for film, television, video, and digital media. We are the premier source of captions in motion picture films projected in theaters.

Subtitles || Captions || Translations: About Us
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